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KitchenAid Mixer Triple Attachment Mount - Organize your Paddle, Whisk, Hook


Elevate your baking experience and declutter your kitchen with our sleek kitchen mixer attachment space saver mount!

We designed the attachment mount to eliminate the clutter and frustration of storing kitchen mixer beater attachments. Instead of tossing your beater attachments in the empty mixer bowl, this product allows you to tidy your cabinets and make the KitchenAid mixer attachments accessible and organized.

With two mounting options, choose between extreme durability and ease of install. Our unique design uses a minimal amount of screws which means less damage to your cabinets compared to other designs. In addition, the screws are hidden inside the prongs of the mount for a clean look. If you decide to go with the double-stick tape mounting option, rest assured that the high-quality Duraco brand tape included in your order will firmly hold your mixer attachments for years to come.

Space Saver Attachment Options:

Screws: Perfect solution for attaching to wooden shelves when a durable and lasting attachment is required. Use a #2 phillips head screw driver (not included) and the included #6-1/2" screws to fasten the attachment mount in your desired location. We also recommended drilling a pilot hole into your mounting surface using a 7/64" drill bit before installing the screws.

Double Stick Tape: Perfect solution for attaching to nearly any smooth surface when ease of installation is desired. Prepare the attachment surface with an alcohol wipe (included), remove the paper backing from the double-stick tape (included), and firmly press the attachment mount onto your mounting surface. High-quality Duraco Twin Stick tape is included with your purchase. When properly installed, this tape is extremely strong and will firmly hold your mixer beater attachments!

*Compatible with KitchenAid Beater Attachments (not included).